Woo hoo! Accepted into the iPhone Developer Program!

After all of the nightmare stories I had read online, I had expected this to take some time, but it was actually very quick.  Here is a timeline:

  • The longest part of the process was getting the DBA (“Doing Business As”) paperwork back from the state.  This would have been a 1 week process, except I paid the fee with a check with my old address, resulting in the correct address being registered, but the actual paper work being sent to my old place.
  • The process with Apple started on September 29th when I submitted my application.  I received an email with the subject “Enrollment Confirmation”
  • On September 30th, I received an email titled “Additional Information Required”, basically telling me to fax in proof that I can use the company name (in my case, the DBA form).
  • After faxing in the DBA form, the next email with the subject “Information received regarding your enrollment”  arrived on October 1st.
  • Later that day, my status moved to something like “Contacting your legal representative”, which is me.  I got a message around 7 Central from Apple, but I called back too late.
  • On the morning of October 2nd, I called the Apple rep, he asked me my name and company, and told me everything was approved and set to go.
  • Later that day, I got the email with the acceptance code, clicked the link, paid Apple and now I’m ready to go.

The entire process with Apple took less than 4 days.  Now all I need are some good App ideas.


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