Buckeye Sports Reader

In theory, I was going to add some posts between when I started this process and when my first app got accepted into the store.

It didn’t work out that way.

The hardest part about app development seems to be coming up with an idea that 10,000 other people haven’t come up with already.  I certainly had plenty of ideas, and people providing me with their own thoughts.  However, they were either already done, or too technically challenging for my first try.

I had thought about doing something related to Ohio State football.  The initial idea was an Ohio State Football Record Book app.  Straight forward, but not too exciting.  I had also coded up a “Days Since Ohio State lost to Michigan” app to tease some of my wolverine friends, however, I didn’t think it was worth more than a free app, and I didn’t have it ready in time for the big game.

The winning idea came from a message board (BuckeyeSports.com) that I frequent (frequent = multiple times a day).  The suggestion (to paraphrase) was to make an app to read the message boards and other OSU info on the site more iPhone friendly.

Long story short… here’s the link to the app:

Buckeye Sports Reader

I use it to read message boards and news everyday, so if nothing else, I like it.


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