1.2 coming… maybe… one day

Last week, I submitted BSR 1.2, with a couple of enhancements that were recommended on the message boards (and things that were bugging me as well).  Unfortunately, Apple chose this version to object to me using the “Block O” on my icon.  I suppose I ran into a reviewer that recognized it as a “logo”.  Apple is definitely correct.  It’s just a little annoying that a few other Apps use the logo as well.  Oh well.  Back to the icon drawing board.  Time to draw a buckeye.

Here were the additions:

1. More news sources

2. “Next” and “Previous” page buttons when reading posts

3. New Login screen that remembers your username/password and an “Auto-Login” feature.

4. Changed the topic listing color scheme

Spent some time this weekend making a new icon, so I’ll resubmit on Monday.


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