Long time, no post… here are some updates

It’s been around three months since I’ve posted on here… that’s not good.  It hasn’t been because of a lack of app activity.

In the last three months, iQueue Free has been released, as well as a variety of minor mgoblog updates.

Here are my plans for apps in the coming year:


I’m hoping for a visual face lift sometime in the first quarter.  The current look was hastily put together in order to get the app out early in the football season.  The rest of the fall was focused on functionality more than aesthetics.  I’m hoping Brian has some time to work on popular requests, namely “voting”.  There are some minor improvements I’ll add relatively soon, mostly having to do with making logging in easier.

iQueue Free:

The main focus will be performance improvements, especially in the way ads are loaded.  I’d like to differentiate the paid and the free version more than they are now, so most new features will be introduced in the paid version.  I am looking at adding a settings menu, primarily to add the option of adding new movies to the bottom.


I’d like to add the settings menu mentioned above.  I’d also like to add a button to move a movie to the top without dragging it.  This will probably go on the movie information screen.  Someone mentioned being able to read reviews, which seems like a cool idea.  I received an email about updated the movie status after adding it to a queue, which is easy enough to add.

BSR and MSR:

Admittedly, I’ve done a poor job updating these.  Apps get updated in “revenue priority order” I guess.

Things I’ve been meaning to do are 1) updating news sources 2) updating schedules/results and 3) enhancing the twitter sections.


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