Problem with crashes

I think I’ve fixed the problem with “series”, but I have seen occasional reports of crashes (one having to do with movies who’s titles are only numbers, like 1984, 2012, etc).

If you’ve experienced crashes, please drop me a line here.  I’d like to make sure I have every case covered.  Better yet, what would really be helpful is if you could send me the crash report.

Crash reports are files that get saved on your phone whenever an app crashes.  These files eventually get synced over to your computer.  You can find them in the locations below

  • Mac OS X :~/Library/Logs/CrashReporter/MobileDevice/<DEVICE_NAME>
  • WindowsXPC:\Documents and Settings\<USERNAME>\Application Data\Apple computer\Logs\CrashReporter/<DEVICE_NAME>
  • WindowsVista/7C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Roaming\Apple computer\Logs\CrashReporter/MobileDevice/<DEVICE_NAME>

The’ll have iQueue in the name and end with .crash.


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