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Mgoblog apps are down

Yes, the mgoblog apps are down.  Brian is doing an upgrade on the services that the apps use.  No idea when things will be back up and running (2 weeks max… hopefully).

Update:  Update was submitted last Thursday.  I’m hoping it’ll be approved by this Wednesday or Thursday.


Finally, a new Buckeye Sports Reader

I wanted to get this out before signing day, but unfortunately, my iMac took a little break from “working”. It’s been ages since I’ve updated the app, but the age of Urban has infused me with some new energy. The update should be submitted to Apple by the end of the week.


Submitted iQueue 2.2.1

This should fix the crashes.  That should teach me to add new features!

Thanks for the users who helped me find the problem.  The new version should be in the store early next week.  Then hopefully I can start working on the universal app.


iQueue 2.2 in App Store

New version is in the app store.  I’ve noticed a couple of 1 star reviews, which have been unusual of late, so let me know if I broke something.

What’s New in this Version

– Fixed instant categories
– DVDs now show availability date instead of “Available Soon”
– Added genre to movie detail page
– Fixed some crashes

Long Streak of Netflix Server Problems (aka: Netflix is down)

With so much Netflix news out there, I’m long overdue for a blog update.  However, until then, the Netflix servers have had a rough stretch.  Please check the API status :


Problem with crashes

I think I’ve fixed the problem with “series”, but I have seen occasional reports of crashes (one having to do with movies who’s titles are only numbers, like 1984, 2012, etc).

If you’ve experienced crashes, please drop me a line here.  I’d like to make sure I have every case covered.  Better yet, what would really be helpful is if you could send me the crash report.

Crash reports are files that get saved on your phone whenever an app crashes.  These files eventually get synced over to your computer.  You can find them in the locations below

  • Mac OS X :~/Library/Logs/CrashReporter/MobileDevice/<DEVICE_NAME>
  • WindowsXPC:\Documents and Settings\<USERNAME>\Application Data\Apple computer\Logs\CrashReporter/<DEVICE_NAME>
  • WindowsVista/7C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Roaming\Apple computer\Logs\CrashReporter/MobileDevice/<DEVICE_NAME>

The’ll have iQueue in the name and end with .crash.


Netflix Down Tonight (6/13)

It’s been acting weird all day, and now it’s finally down.

Check the link below for status:

Update (12:17AM CDT):  Update is that there is no update.  It’s now 6/14 in CDT.  Nothing from @netflixhelps on twitter and nothing on the Netflix Developer page. Good night.  (if you haven’t, go ahead and download iQueue.  It’ll work tomorrow… I think)

Update 2 (7:30 AM CDT):  Things seem to be up and running. If you tried to install the app on last night and had problems, please delete, redownload and try again (you won’t be charged again).