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Feedback (please leave some)

There are a variety of things that are annoying with the way Apple handles app reviews and feedback.

  1. It turns out there’s no obvious way to email a developer from the app store.  I’ve always wondered why people who didn’t like something about the app didn’t just email me… well, now I know.  I’ve added my email to the right of this page.  Or you can just click here.
  2. There’s no way to get in touch with someone who leaves a review.  A few times, I’ve been lucky enough to get in touch with a reviewer by googling their name, but for the most part, it’s fully anonymous.  There’s nothing particularly wrong with that, but often times the issue could be resolved with a quick exchange of emails.  A developer should at least have the option to “reply” to a review.  It would benefit both the customer and the developer.
  3. One thing that has surprised me is how infrequently people review apps (written or just a star review).  Judging from my personal experience, along with what I’ve heard from other developers, the percentage of buyers who review an app is in the low single digits (if not lower).  So if you’ve made it this far, and you like one of my apps, please leave a review.  If not, see the email link above.  Let’s talk.
  4. The infamous “rate on delete”.  Great idea.  Developers love it.  Lovely way to get some crappy ratings.  Fortunately, it’s gone in iOS4.

New Approval Record

Apps have been taking a little longer to get approved these days… which is fine.  Especially considering all the iPad apps.  But 7 minutes of review?  Really?