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Long Streak of Netflix Server Problems (aka: Netflix is down)

With so much Netflix news out there, I’m long overdue for a blog update.  However, until then, the Netflix servers have had a rough stretch.  Please check the API status :


iqueue is up. netflix is down. (updated 3/23)

So iQueue being back in the app store coincided almost perfectly with Netflix going down.  Just my luck.

The Netflix webpage and all the Netflix apps seem to be down.

This is the site I usually use to check for server outages:

Netflixhelps on twitter also seems to be useful.

Update: Forget it… I’m taking the apps down again until Netflix stabilizes.  I’m also selling the rest of my Netflix stock.

It sounds like the outage is a pretty big deal.  It’s been out for hours and even DVD deliveries will be affected.

Update 3/23: Everything finally seems to be working.  iQueue is back in the store.  Netflix servers seem ok.  Please email me if you notice anything.  I’m hoping to get the instant queue sorting back in a couple of weeks (that’s what Netflix said anyway).  Please leave a nice review to offset a couple of the bad ones I got during the outage 🙂