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iqueue is up. netflix is down. (updated 3/23)

So iQueue being back in the app store coincided almost perfectly with Netflix going down.  Just my luck.

The Netflix webpage and all the Netflix apps seem to be down.

This is the site I usually use to check for server outages:

Netflixhelps on twitter also seems to be useful.

Update: Forget it… I’m taking the apps down again until Netflix stabilizes.  I’m also selling the rest of my Netflix stock.

It sounds like the outage is a pretty big deal.  It’s been out for hours and even DVD deliveries will be affected.

Update 3/23: Everything finally seems to be working.  iQueue is back in the store.  Netflix servers seem ok.  Please email me if you notice anything.  I’m hoping to get the instant queue sorting back in a couple of weeks (that’s what Netflix said anyway).  Please leave a nice review to offset a couple of the bad ones I got during the outage 🙂


First time search bug

I’ve received a couple of notes on this today.  The first time a user does a search and selects one of the search results, the information never comes up (it stays highlighted and the progress wheel keeps spinning).  This seems to only happen the first time you run the app.  So if you’re having the problem, quit the app and start it again.  Keep in mind that actually quitting an app in iOS4, depending on the device you have, is a little more than just pressing the home button (which just sends an app into the “background”).  To quit in iOS4, you might have to press the “home” button twice, then in the dock that appears on the bottom, “delete” the app.

I apologize for the annoyance, but it should work fine after that (and will be fixed in 1.4).


In the queue for iQueue 1.4

(see what I did there?)

Here are the requested changes so far:

  • reload the queues in iOS4 after “waking” from the “background”
  • fix a bug that prevents series that are not yet available from being put in the saved queue (“Save All”)
  • Fix problem with device clocks being off

If you have any other requests, or have experienced any crashes, please send me a note.


A Note from Netflix (check your clocks)

During a discussion of API usage with the Netflix team, they mentioned that they are seeing a lot of iQueue requests being rejected due to the device (iphone or ipod touch) not providing a reasonably accurate time stamp (i.e. current time).  Netflix uses this to authenticate the request and could potentially cause some unanticipated behavior if they return an error.  I assume iPhone users have their clocks set accurately.  Not so sure about iPod touch users… and definitely not for pesky jailbreakers.

Long story short… check your clocks.


Rough Day for Netflix servers

Looks like the Netflix servers might not be up to the 4th of July challenge.  I’ve mentioned this before, but please check the following link for Netflix server status:

Netflix Server Status

Bad times for the Netflix servers will usually result in someone posting some vitriolic diatribe about how the app isn’t working, causing irreparable damage to the users way of life.

Please don’t do this.


iQueue News

Plenty of iQueue related news this week.

Version 1.2.1 is now in the app store.  This is a very minor update, but it does fix a potentially common cause of crashing.  I’m hoping this is the last of it.  Future updates will focus on new features and iOS4 testing.  This version hasn’t officially been qualified for 4.0, but I don’t anticipate any major issues.

iQueue is also now in the Netflix App Gallery.  You can check it out here.

In the last week, iQueue has seen a pretty dramatic rise in the “Entertainment” App rankings (see graph below).  I’m not exactly sure why, but thank you.  It made it as high as #101.  It’s currently the #2 paid iphone app.

Update (July 3): iQueue has made it up to #75 in the paid entertainment app rankings and is now the #1 paid Netflix app!


iQueue Update (1.2 in App Store)

A couple pieces of good news.

  1. iQueue version 1.2 is now in the app store.
  2. Netflix assures me that their servers will be more reliable from this day forward.  I’m hoping for the best

Special thanks to “dontOVERREACT” for sending me crash reports from version 1.1.  If any user is reading this, it doesn’t do me any good to leave a review like “it crashes.  don’t buy.”  If you do experience a crash, please email me.

“dontOVERREACT” got a free app for his trouble.

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